May 4, 2012

Assignment 2-Chilli sause

Produk kedua aku pilih ialah sos cili...
E1422 Acetylated distarch adipate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent]
A starch that is resistant against stirring, high temperatures and low pH. As a thickener and vegetable gum to give improved 'mouth feel’.
E260Acetic acid [Preservative] [Acidity regulator]
Regulating pH, controlling acidity and improving flavor in the food.
E211Sodium benzoate [Preservative]
As a preservative which act as a bacteria-destroying agent.
E415Xanthan gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser]
As salt tolerance, oxidation resistance agents and to improve thickness of ingredients.
E122Carmoisine / Azorubine [Colouring]
Synthetic red food dye that give red colour to food.
E124Ponceau 4R / Cochineal Red A / Brilliant Scarlet 4R [Colouring]
A brilliant-red dye which is synthetic colourant that used as a food colouring.

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